A Lemon A Day?

A friend who understands my health and digestive issues recently offered me a piece of advice: “Have a cup of warm water with lemon each morning before you begin your day.” At first I thought it was a little hoakie, but I was ready to try anything so I gave it a shot.

Immediately while drinking my first mug of warm lemon water on a chilly Saturday morning in January I thought, “Wow this feels really refreshing.” So I continued.

A day or two later I told my dad about it and he let me know that his mom, my beautiful grandmother, always told him to have lemon in water and tea, especially whenever he was dealing with an upset stomach. So here is where I really start believing- because anything my Italian Nonna has to say is absolutely true.

So I begin to research and find out all of the reasons why this is so great for you:

  • Lemons are acidic in nature, but cause an alkaline state in the digestive tract. The more alkaline you can keep in your tummy, the better you feel digestively. 
  • Your body has been devoid of water while sleeping and beginning your day with warm lemon water will help it rehydrate naturally.
  • You should really only drink liquids at room temperature. Having warm lemon water in the morning will help rehydrate you while not shocking your internal system.

So there are the reasons why I am now a firm believer in “A Lemon A Day.” I also get a kick out of the concept that the modern American diet says lemons are too acidic. The old adage, “when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade” — when in truth, the natural acidity of wholesome lemon juice is needed to neutralize some stomach acid in order for you to sustain a healthy digestive system. So please enjoy your warm water and all-natural lemon juice without the addition of harmful processed white sugar and begin on your path to correcting your digestive ailments. Keep them natural and eat them every day!

So, there you have it.
Tartly yours,

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